VIDEO: Jeremy Lin Poses as Adidas Employee

Jeremy Lin poses as Adidas store employee

As the new face of Adidas Store, Jeremy Lin went undercover recently posing as a new Adidas store employee. Although Lin is a pretty recognizable guy, he remained in character as a shoe employee even when some knew exactly who he really was.

Jeremy Lin poses as Adidas store employee

Dressed in a full Adidas shoe employee uniform complete with a “staff” tag, LA Lakers guard conversed in Taiwanese at the store, fooling several customers in the process. Some recognized him but denied he was Jeremy Lin.

In the introduction of the footage, Jeremy Lin used the name of Wang Wei-Chih. He said: “I am Jeremy Lin, and I’m at Adidas flagship store. Today is my first day at work, I’m gonna sell Adidas shoes. My name is Wang Wei-Chih.”

He was also heard critiquing himself and said that he didn’t play basketball but play football. A Youtube commenter named Yuet Yee Chan claimed she was so lucky to meet him when buying sport stuffs.

Watch the full video of Lin, as a shoe employee, in action below. Don’t forget to click “Subtitles/CC” to understand the conversation if you’re not a Taiwanese speaker.

Jeremy Lin has done a similar stunt when he posed as a statue at the Madame Tussaud wax museum in San Francisco.