So Touching: A Story of Friendship and Hope (VIRAL VIDEO)

A Story of Friendship and Hope - Viral Video by Samsung

Samsung Telecommunications posted a video to promote Galaxy Note 4, which gives a story of friendship and hope, went viral online.

A Story of Friendship and Hope - Viral Video by Samsung

The mobile telecommunication company commercial was posted on 15 October with a unique idea, which touched many hearts online. According to the video, it shows friendship among peers and also about hope.

In the video it shows a sign that tells “Happy Bad Day” posted by the narrator, who later met a tragic accident with his right arm amputated. Later it shows his friends and peers pay a visit but shock to find out through glass wall that his right hand gone, leaving his friends speechless and crying. The beautiful part comes when the attending nurse prohibits them to go inside the isolation room. The patient then notices his friends outside the glass wall and waves his left hand and smiles. One of the friends then texts him saying “If you’re smiling, that means you’re doing okay.”

The patient then smiles and sends a message saying “Of course, I’m okay.”

In the end, the video shows the patient writing on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 pad using its pen to reply to the touching messages and drawings from his friends and peers. It then shows afterwards recalling happy moments inside their workplace.

The video has crossed over 2.94 millions views on YouTube until the time of reporting. Also the video earned more than 310,000 shares on Facebook.

Watch the video below: