Martin Nievera Falls Off the Stage After The Voice Performance


After Martin Nievera performed the song “You Are My Song” with The Voice Kids first runner up Darren Espanto, he fell off the stage as he exited.

In the video below uploaded by the official YouTube channel of The Voice Kids Philippines, you can see Martin saying his thanks and goodbye to Darren, who remained on-stage. Afterwards, he did a few turns (for reasons unknown, probably in efforts to exit gracefully) but his several turns might be the reason why he tripped and fell his way out of the stage. It’s quite funny. Watch the video below:

In the video, you can hear some faint laughter. Martin also posted the video in his Instagram account. He said that he “had a few bumps and bruises but the only thing that broke was my pride.”

“That was a real fall and my body is in pain,” he added. The good bit is that this wasn’t shown on national television during the performance; the camera was fixed on Luis and Darren onstage.

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