Inspiring Thai Commercial Teaches Us to Never Judge By Looks Alone

Heartbreaking Thai Ad

An advertisement by a Thai security camera company, Vizer, has recently gone viral as it moves its viewers to tears. The ad, which was released on August 27 in YouTube has garnered more than 5 million views to date.

Vizer CCTV

The ad shows a shop owner who was bothered daily by the homeless man sleeping outside his shop. Every day, when he opens his store, he sees the man and will drive him cruelly away. His neighbors will always shake their head asking him what the guy ever did to harm him.

One day, when the shopkeeper opened his shop, he didn’t see the man. He was so used to seeing the homeless guy that he was surprised. After several days of not seeing the guy and his neighbor telling him that the guy will never come back, he decided to investigate his CCTV footage.

What he discovered moved him to tears and made him regret his cruel treatment with the homeless man. He discovered that the guy actually acted as his security guard – protecting his shop from vandals and other evil doers. The day he failed to see him was the day the homeless guy caught several thieves trying to break in to the shop and stopped them. The thieve put up a fight which eventually led to them stabbing the homeless guy in the gut and killing him.

The shopkeeper was beside himself in tears.

The ad ended with the reminder that there’s a lot of truth we are mostly blind of.

To watch the video, click on the link below:

Companies in Thailand has recently adapted the trend of creating tear-jerking commercials. Most create a full-length story that is published in YouTube and expected to go viral in Facebook. The Vizer commercial is the latest in these series and it is hoped that beyond the ad, we learn never to judge others by their looks alone.