VIDEO: NAIA baggage handlers caught stealing from luggage

NAIA baggage handlers caught stealing from luggage

Two NAIA baggage handlers have been caught red-handed unzipping a baggage and taking what appears to be a package out of a bag.

NAIA baggage handlers caught stealing from luggage

To avoid detection, one handler quickly handed it to a colleague – who is helping to keep a look out for him.

A passenger who was waiting to get on a flight recorded the two thieves out of a window inside an airplane.

The video shows one of two NAIA workers, who are both dressed in high visibility jackets, open a bag, rummage around and pull out an item before slipping it to his colleague who is keeping a lookout.

He then zips up the case as though nothing has happened while his accomplice secures the item.

After 12 hours of sharing it on Facebook, the video got more than 50,000 shares and over 500,000 views on Facebook.

The eye-opening clip has caused outrage online and many have complained and commented about the incident.

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Posted by Matalinong Matsing on Tuesday, December 15, 2015