VIDEO: China coronavirus medic claims gov’t is lying as ‘100,000 people are infected’

China coronavirus medic claims China is lying as ‘100,000 people are infected’
Medical staff members carry a patient into the Jinyintan hospital, where patients infected by a mysterious SARS-like virus are being treated, in Wuhan in China's central Hubei province on January 18, 2020. - The true scale of the outbreak of a mysterious SARS-like virus in China is likely far bigger than officially reported, scientists have warned, as countries ramp up measures to prevent the disease from spreading. (Photo by STR / AFP) / China OUT

A voice clip of the sobbing woman, believed to work at the quarantined Wuhan hospital in China, is circulating on social media now. The medic claims that Chinese government is lying as doctors have estimated 100,000 people infected with the novel coronavirus.

According to the Daily Star, the audio was shared by Chinese news outlet Global Himalaya, who claimed it was sent from a member of the medical staff in Wuhan.

In a translation verified by Daily Star Online, a woman says: “I have been working all day long.

“Now I am off duty. I took off around 4pm, I have been crying my eyes out.

“The infection is much more horrible than it’s reported on TV.

“There are so many cases. Doctors have estimated about 100,000 infected.”

She explains there are just over 10 doctors who have treated “more than 100 infected people in just one day”.

In a chilling prediction, the unnamed woman says: “Many of them will not make it.”

“The government didn’t support us with medical supplies,” she continues.

“The patients were begging us desperately but we couldn’t do anything.

“They are dying right in front of our eyes.

“Please take every measure to protect yourselves at home.

“Don’t ever trust the government. We are on our own now.”

Reports said the novel coronavirus has killed at least 42 people and infected some 1,400 since its discovery in the city of Wuhan.