President Rodrigo Roa Duterte Doppelganger Exists

Watch this taxi driver perfectly impersonates President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.


When you see the video all you would have to say is ‘what the freak?’!

The voice, the diction, the tone, the language – you would really think that you are being driven by Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte himself. But the reality is the person talking is just an impersonator who really ha the likeness and the mannerisms down pat.

The video uploader didn’t identify who the impersonator was but was laughing throughout the video viewers cannot really help but be taken along for the ride. Honestly, if one would really close their eyes and just listen to the person speaking, they will really think that the person is PRRD. He has really got it down pat.

On the video, he can be heard spouting such statements that can be really attributed to President Duterte. He does show an understanding of the different issues and he most probably is tuned in to the news on a regular basis because he does get the issues that the President is facing as the father of the country.

And while the driver has been doing a monologue – he does touch on several key issues that have been plaguing the country – and he is doing it in such a manner that is quite comical but attention grabbing as well. In the background, the viewers will surely notice that the videographer is having a hard time controlling herself from laughing out loud but fails a few times.

The impersonator really nails the “unseen side” of PRRD in his monologue. We really do not know how much of the material was his but he does inject a lot of statements that the President has made over the months in his administration. Pretty hilarious was how he strung up several statements of PPRD which caught his riders in fits.

And while he really didn’t want to reveal his real name – even his first name – in front of the camera, he states that he does have two kids and he has a huge talent fee (probably a joke, but as we have said, we never know) and that he would really be rather known as Duterte Two – Presidente sa Umaga, Taxi Driver sa Gabi. Hilarity ensues especially after he spouted, “If you really want to follow me, likod ko lang ang makikita nyo.” and a few other gems. Still, he does rue that he may not really last long because a lot of passengers do a double take when they see him (again, probably a joke but it does have a tinge of truth to it).

Should you be in Davao and happen to get aboard this guy’s cab, don’t forget to grab the chance to ask him about the state of affairs and he’ll regale you with a monologue that is sure to be relaxing and stress-relieving. And while you may really do a double take and ask yourself if it is really the PPRD on board, rest assured that it’s just a regular guy trying to go through life like the rest of us, seeking to give a better life for his family. And while he may be impersonating the President, he does bring an element of fun and surprise to an otherwise uneventful ride.