Dimple Morcillo in hot water for beating a man with a limp

Dimple Morcillo in hot water for beating a man with a limp

The shameless behaviour of a commuter named Dimple Morcillo on modernized jeepney has angered netizens.

In a video clip posted on Facebook, she is seen to have been pissed off after a man with limp sits beside her while the vehicle is running.

In one of her posts, she claimed that the man groped her when he was about to sit beside her, but the video showed nothing about groping.

After minutes of travelling, as seen in the video, when she is about to leave the vehicle, she punches the man, but the man hits back with a kick. She then returns to the man and hits him with a bag. She is also seen pointing her finger, accusing him of sexual or physical abuse. When the bystanders outside the vehicle hear this, they get inside the vehicle and beat the limping man. Dimple is also seen hitting again the person.

When two of the three bystanders leave the jeepney and the vehicle is moving, Dimple Morcillo is seen staying inside the jeepney and acting as if she is abused and hurt. When the jeepney reaches a certain location, another group of men is seen going inside the vehicle and hurt the man with a limp.

Upon reaching another location, the man is seen dragged outside the vehicle.

In the post of Dimple Morcillo, the man was photographed inside a barangay hall with a caption accusing him of groping.

Watch the full video below.