WATCH: Cop cuffs bus driver despite ‘no contact policy’

A policeman named Bryan Saul B. Geollegue has been receiving hatred from netizens on Facebook after being caught on a video handcuffing a bus driver.

No contact policy

As stated in the Facebook post of a Bibian Sambajon Perez, hi-way cop Bryan Saul Geollegue restrained the hands of the driver of the bus she was riding on because of allegedly unloading passengers at an inappropriate location. This is despite the ‘no contact policy’ implemented by the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA)

The Facebook user questions this act, stating, “Tama ba na posasan agad-agad ang driver na sinasabing nagkamali sa pagbaba ng mga pasahero?”

Perez also added, “Saan ba talaga ang tamang babaan at sakayan? Sa may karatula na nagsasabi na doon ang tamang babaan o sa unahan na wala nang karatula?”

Along her post is a video of the incident:

It can be remembered that MMDA has implemented the “No Contact Traffic Apprehension Policy” early last month.

MMDA, through the policy, will implement use of CCTV, digital cameras and the like in capturing violators of traffic laws, rules and regulations. In fact, it was reported in a GMA News Online article that MMDA is planning to install a total of 450 cameras in the metro.

“Carlos said that the new cameras would bring to 450 the total number of traffic cameras that will be utilized by the MMDA for the no contact apprehension scheme, which was implemented last April 15,” GMA News Online reported.

The policy, however, does not get rid of traffic enforcers.

“It was conceptualized to supplement the presence of MMDA Traffic Enforcers. Aside from the fact that there are still places not covered by CCTVs, the No Contact Traffic Apprehension was designed to catch moving violations, thus leaving the apprehension of administrative offenses to MMDA constables,” according to MMDA website.

No contact policy

Did the netizens just over-reacted in the said video? Or do you think what the constable did to the bus driver is unfair and unjust? Let us know in the comment box below.