Medical frontliners want a two-week ‘timeout’


MANILA, Philippines – Medical frontliners have requested for a two-week ‘timeout’ as they need time to recuperate from the health crisis. They said that this will help them avoid infection.

At least 40 medical societies in the Philippine College of Physicians have urged the chief executive to shift to the enhanced community quarantine. This is for the case of the greater Metro Manila.

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The Department of Health stated that they are supporting this call of the medical sector. It promised to also look into the issues they are facing amid the pandemic.

“Our healthcare workers are sounding a distress call. We need a short breather, we are already exhausted,” said PCP president Jose Santiago.

Santiago added that medical frontliners might collapse if the government does not give them a break.

“Just like in basketball, there is substitute player, but we have to maintain our team captain – our specialty doctors. We need to refresh and collaborate. We all have one intention and that is mitigate COVID,” he explained

He noted that the 4,000 average daily increase of COVID-19 cases is overwhelming the national healthcare system.

“Our health workers are burned out with seemingly endless number of patients trooping in for emergency care. We are losing the battle against COVID and need to draw up a definite plan of action,” he added.

Two-week ‘timeout’ a necessity

Santiago also tapped on the idea of re-opening other non-essential establishments. The government previously announced the re-opening of gyms, review centers, internet cafe, and the like.

Vice president of PCP also noted that the virus has infected a large sum of health workers. Maricar Limpin, a pulmonologist, said that they have either died or are in the ICU.

“We are just asking for a timeout of two weeks to control the spread of the infection,” she said.

The doctor said that they are “basically asking the President to tighten community quarantine so we could regroup and rethink. We need to control our ports instead of allowing international flights that could increase the number of infected Filipinos.”