DOH apologizes for virus hotspot announcement, ‘it was a mistake’


MANILA, Philippines – The Department of Health apologized Monday night for ‘mistakenly’ announcing virus hotspot. In the prior announcement, the agency labeled four Metro Manila cities as virus hotspots.

In a televised briefing, DOH spokesperson Maria Vergeire said that Marikina, Makati, Muntinlupa, and Quezon City are emerging hotspots.

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Vergeire mentioned that Marikina recorded 51 new cases, a 43% increase in cases. Muntinlupa incurred 30 new cases which is a 30% increase.

On the other hand, Quezon City and Makati City recorded 406 and 135 new cases. Those amount to growth rates of 34.5% and 30.18%.

However, the undersecretary noted that those data were still from the month of June.

“The following cities were mistakenly classified as hotspots and was based on a report last month,” DOH said in Monday night briefing.

Virus hotspot, what?

It later noted that as of July 5, three of the four virus hotspot have recorded case declines.

She stated that Marikina, Muntinlupa, and Makati are seeing a decline in COVID-19 cases. Their decline rates are 68%, 10%, and 4%.

However, Quezon City’s novel coronavirus cases are still increasing. According to records, their number of cases have escalated for at least 34%.

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The DOH said, “We apologize for the confusion. This is our up to date record. We will redouble our efforts to keep our reports as current as possible.”

Currently the government is seeing a steeper increase of COVID-19 numbers.

As of Tuesday afternoon, there are 46,333 cases with the 2,099. The said worsening of numbers are allegedly due to the relaxed quarantine.

The administration has yet to announce the return of Martial-Law-like quarantine in Metro Manila. With that, the administration placed Cebu, Central Visayas in strict community quarantine.