VIRAL: Embassy Staff Inconsiderate to Walk-in Passport Applicants, Even to Senior Citizens

Photo shows same woman who seemed to be just texting and using her phone.

Facebook user Alfemaricevic de Amore

Facebook user Alfemaricevic De Amore shared a series of photos of the woman (picture above) whom she said had been inconsiderate and mean to her and the others in the Philippine embassy in Alkhobar, Saudi Arabia.

Alfemaricevic de Amore Facebook post

[Share about this woman in Alkhobar Embassy. She’s very mean and inconsiderate to the Filipinos who have come from different places like me. I have traveled 8 hours just to be here in the embassy and renew my passport. But when I arrived here, there were a lot of us already. They did not accommodate us because we need to have an online appointment first. I just pity the others who are senior citizens but still persevered to wait. They were here since morning because another staff said that they will have to finish those people who have appointments before they can accommodate us. It’s 4 PM now, those with appointments are already done, so we lined up. But this woman said that they will not accommodate us. (She stressed) We should have an appointment, but most of the people in line don’t know how to (set up an appointment) online. How can they renew (their passport?) For me, they should have considered us because they have finished (accommodating those with appointments) early. But they don’t really want to accommodate us.]

The second photo from the series shows the same woman who seemed to be just texting and using her phone, while some people in the foreground are busy with their passport applications.

Facebook user Alfemaricevic de Amore

Netizens are obviously angry at her action and showed their rage in the comment section.

Maria Panganiban

[Translation: Instead of teaching her fellow Filipinos how to (set up an appointment) online, she’s just busy texting her textmate. Wow, amazing!]

Jenisa Ilogon Photo

[Translation: She’s just on her phone, as if she’s just at home. Get ready girl, you won’t last there (working in the embassy.)]

The third photo shows men just sitting on the floor, waiting to be accommodated.

Third Photo

While the first two photos angered the netizens, this photo made netizens pity their situation, as shown in the comment section.

Lehmi Cuansung comment

[Translation: That’s hard. They asked permission from their employers that they would travel far but it’s all for nothing.]

The last photo shows the people in line, which according to the original post, have waited since early in the morning.

Netizens recommended to spread the post until it reaches the attention of President Duterte who disfavors unkind government staffs.

Last Photo

Alejandro Salas

[Translation: Send that case to President Duterte directly so they can be replaced.]

Gloria Mujar

[Translation: That (behavior) is prohibited in our beloved president’s administration. Be kind to everyone. Don’t be too hard. Now if you don’t follow, you better quit (your job.)]

The post, originally posted in a Facebook group ‘Team Duterte’ already have 5,578 shares and 430 comments as of posting.

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