Twitter Trend: Supporters Vs. Haters of PBB Housemate Loisa Andalio


The supporters and haters of Pinoy Big Brother Housemate Loisa Andalio are fighting for the top spot of Twitter’s trends. Pro Loisa fans tweet their messages and regards with the hashtag #RespectLoisaAndalio while those who do not favor Loisa believe that she should be removed from the show and use the hashtag #ForceEvictLoisaAndalio.

The stir was caused by the issue surrounding Loisa after she jokingly pointed a knife to fellow PBB Housemate Manolo Pedrosa.  Watch the video here: Loisa Andalio points knife at Manolo Pedrosa – PBB

Her action falls under the PBB’s rule that “any form of violence of a housemate will put him/her automatically into force eviction”.

Manolo, who is fairly aware of this, immediately chanted, “FE (Force Evict), FE na iyan!” This caused Loisa to lower the knife and say that she’s just trying to reach it.

Supporters backed Loisa through their tweets:

Those who think that Loisa should be evicted tweeted: