Quick-Quick by 1D goes viral online

Quick-Quick by 1D

An alleged tweet of Louis Tomlinson of One Direction about Filipino food he called “Quick-Quick” has gone viral on Twitter.

Quick-Quick by 1D

Responding to conversation made by Harry Styles, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne about Filipino street food called ‘kwek-kwek’, Louis Tomlinson was quick to react that Filipinos called the food as ‘quick-quick’. “you don’t really know the basic facts about Philippines. duh? they call that food ‘quick-quick’ or something like that I don’t really know tbh,” Louis said.

Harry Styles at first allegedly tweeted that he could not get over thinking of the food unknown to him. “It’s been days since we left Manila, but I still can’t get over of that egg waffle we ate. I think I love eggs now,” Harry said in a tweet.

To the surprise of Niall Horan, he responded that he thought it was a fried orange. “huh? but I thought it was fried orange. I don’t even understand why they fry foods outside their homes,” said Niall.

But Liam Payne also shared confusion about the food and responded to call it ‘fried waffle with orange egg.’ “Woah woah, I’m confused now. Is it egg waffle or fried orange? Let’s just call it a fried waffle with orange egg. Lol,” Liam said.

It was then that Louis joined the conversation revealing the facts about the Philippines but wrongly spelled the name of the food. Instead of spelling it as “kwek-kwek,” he called it “quick-quick”.

Meanwhile, Zayn Malik, who was not present during the Mall of Asia Arena concert, also shared confusion about the food.

It was then that “Quick-Quick by 1D” went viral online.

Since the conversation was consolidated yesterday, the trending topic has been ranked highest on Twitter.