NEW: AJ Ramos scandal 2016 goes viral on Twitter

NEW: AJ Ramos scandal 2016 video has been leaked to the Web

In yet another scandal, also known as “AJ Ramos scandal 2016“, a video of a LaSallian man was allegedly recording himself masturbating in front of his phone camera has just been leaked to the Web.

NEW: AJ Ramos scandal 2016 video has been leaked to the Web

This is the latest and newest video of AJ Ramos doing lewd acts filming herself laying in bed, getting naked and self-pleasuring.

This nude masturbation video was allegedly hacked and uploaded online by unnamed friend.

Netizens have put a lot of pictures of his face on micro-blogging site Twitter and claimed that AJ had videotaped himself masturbating in his bedroom.

On some Twitter users’ wall, they put out other tweets containing clips of his own video.

After their tweets many people came in support of other netizens and started re-tweeting to make the scandalous photos and video clips go viral.

This is not the first time when AJ Ramos trended online. In October 2014, he faced similar embarrassment on social media sites after an alleged sex video scandal featuring him and his girlfriend, Abby Santiaguel, made rounds on Facebook and Twitter.

No one knows who uploaded the latest scandal video, but surely, it was him who recorded it.