‘Miss World Philippines 2014’ Photoshop Scandal Causes Online Stir

Miss World Philippines 2014 Photoshop Scandal

Netizens are speaking up after critics bashed Yahoo! Philippines for digitally altering Miss World Philippines 2014 portraits in a recent spread.

Each of the 26 Miss World Philippines 2014 entrants had a portrait in an almost topless photoshoot for the Miss World Philippines 2014’s promotion of the pageant, which was held last October 12. Their portraits were referred to by Tess Koman of Cosmopolitan as “almost not looking human”.

Referring to the photos, Tess said “their pores look like they’re vomiting sunshine,” referring to the way each candidate’s skin was heavily softened and altered in color.

Jamie Feldman of The Huffington Post wrote: “Photoshop fails have removed body parts and warped celebrities’ faces. And while there are models who are OK with the idea of having their images retouched, the truth is that every time one happens, we are reminded just how far some brands will go to create an unrealistic standard of beauty.”

After the pictures were released days before the coronation night netizens commented that the portraits were photoshopped.

One of the commenters said:

Oh, my goodness, the Photoshop guy who retouched these photos should be fired.

These are terrible pictures. All these girls look like they’ve been sandblasted smooth. They have almost no faces left. And then, after blurring out all their facial features, the Photoshop guy forgot to whiten their teeth!

This is incompetence.


This photo are so annoying! Why they can’t show what real beauty is? Instead they try to ruined photos by editing them. BTW this one looks like edited through Perfectly clear app lol.