#MaglulupaSerye: War between two girls over a boy

#MaglulupaSerye Kissing Photo

The ex-girlfriend thinks that the new GF is insecure and jealous if she is criticizing her romance with her former boyfriend, a #MaglulupaSerye story said.

Anette LM, the ex-girlfriend, ended up getting embroiled in social media feuds after her ex’s new girlfriend sent rude messages to her and called her names on Christmas eve.

Her latest posts have given rise to speculation that an unending war between her and Phoebe Alison, the new girlfriend, over Jomer Escobar may soon be underway.

Jomer, who was previously romantically linked with Anette, sparked dating rumors with Phoebe after the two were photographed locking lips at a restaurant. The former couple have three children.

Phoebe called Anette #Maglulupa in one of the messages to her and even posted a teasing remarks about her age and her intimate body part, saying her vajayjay has been wrecked because she has three kids already.

The story became popular on Facebook and Twitter after Senyora Santibañez shared the screenshots on her timeline.


#MaglulupaSerye Kissing Photo

#MaglulupaSerye - Exchange of Messages

#MaglulupaSerye - Exchange of Messages Photo 2

#MaglulupaSerye - Exchange of Messages Photo 3

#MaglulupaSerye - Exchange of Messages Photo 4

#MaglulupaSerye - Exchange of Messages Photo 5

The new girlfriend is now being bashed by the netizens after she discriminated Anette and even insulting her.

Latest Facebook Wall posts by Anette LM contain hashtags such as ‪#‎pamilyamorena‬, ‪#‎dikamimayaman‬, ‪#‎nobadwordsformykidsplease‬, and ‪#‎maglulupa‬.