‘Loom Buns’ becomes Twitter Sensation

Loom Buns
The so-called 'loom buns' (Don't know where to credit)

June this year has been a great month full of trending topics including the cosmetic surgery rumor by Kathryn Bernardo and the so called ‘loom buns’.

Loom Bands
Loom Bands (Photo courtesy of mamamia.com.au)

It’s a known fact that media outlets, Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) and the EcoWaste Coalition had warned the public the dangers of using ‘loom bands’.

The “cute, but hard to digest rubber bands” can make pets ill, PAWS and Ecowaste said.

I thought ‘loom bands’ was misspelled by someone and replaced it by ‘loom buns’ and bashers on Twitter bullied the speller. Due to curiosity why the ‘loom buns’ thing was trending on Twitter (until now), I pressed it and I found out it was not really spelled incorrectly. Loom buns really existed.

Hilariously, loom buns exist but other netizens are not happy about it. ‘Loom buns’ is a string of buns modelled from ‘loom bands’.

Loom Buns
The so-called ‘loom buns’ (Update: Photo courtesy of Mozer Rivera, the one
who invented the ‘loom buns’)

Twitter continues to be the medium in which instant fame is only one tweet away.

Earlier this week, we got the chance to read the rumors of cosmetic surgery by Kathryn Bernardo and the ‘no comment’ thing by Jane Oineza about the rumor, where Jane explained that she was unsure whether Kathryn underwent cosmetic surgery.