Joey De Leon’s message to Korina Sanchez

Joey de Leon's message toKorina Sanchez

Joey de Leon commented better than ever when he sent a tweet to his followers on December 8, 2014 that could definitely be about Korina Sanchez.

Joey de Leon's message toKorina Sanchez

“Dun sa mga umaasa na lumihis ang bagyo at dumiretso na lang sa Japan eh WAG NAMAN. Pwede namang HUMINA na lang katulad ng utak nung umasa!,” Joey de Leon said.

This definitely could be a response to Korina Sanchez after Korina made an insensitive comment about Typhoon Ruby. Last Wednesday, December 3, Korina said “she hopes Typhoon Ruby will hit Japan instead of the Philippines”.

In case you missed what went down, allow us to remind you. Following are the controversial comments of Korina Sanchez during her discussion with Noli De Castro and Ted Failon in a segment during news programs when they were about to finish.

Korina Sanchez: Kaya pa natin idasal yan para lumihis.

Noli de Castro: Alam mo, sana’y hati na lang tayo. Kalahati sa Pilipinas, kalahati sa Japan.

Korina Sanchez: Puwede bang sa kanilang lahat?

Noli de Castro: Huwag naman.

Korina Sanchez: Sa kanila na lang lahat.

Noli de Castro: Baka sabihin ng mga Hapon ay…

Korina Sanchez: Parang mas kaya nila.

Here is the English translation by

Korina Sanchez: We can still pray for [the typhoon] to veer away [from the Philippines].

Noli de Castro: You know, I wish we could just split it with Japan.

Korina Sanchez: Can’t they just have it all?

Noli de Castro: Don’t wish that.

Korina Sanchez: They can have it all.

Noli de Castro: The Japanese might say that…

Korina Sanchez: It seems that they are more capable [to face it].