‘We Have Your Data’ (wehaveyourdata.com) website lets anyone search for any Philippine voter names listed in the database leaked by the group known as Lulzsec Pilipinas.

But don’t freak out yet. It’s not as bad as it sounds. At least the site does not provide passport number of any voter, but full name, complete address, and other basic info is searchable there.

The site claims it has basic info of at least 70 million registered Filipino voters.

What is very disappointing is that these basic info would lead to a treasure trove for identity thieves and scammers.

In a report published to the site CNN Philippines, Lara Tan details that the website (wehaveyourdata.com) provides the registered voter’s full name, birthdate, fingerprint information, parents’ full name, the complete address of residence, passport number, and more.

Searching basic info of any registered Filipino voter requires only to supply a person’s given name, surname, and mother’s maiden name. You have also an option to only enter two fields, such as a person’s first name and last name, and it will give you choices of people listed under the name.

The site credited Lulzsec Pilipinas, saying it was able to copy all the leaked data which was posted by Lulzsec Pilipinas on website archive.org.

The poll body has information on registered voters’ names, addresses, birth dates, and in some cases — email addresses and passport numbers.