‘Anaconda University’ is trending on Twitter (Video)

Anaconda University

Usually real universities trend on Twitter because of several reasons, but tonight a fake school, Anaconda University, trended online. So why are so many netizens tweeting about it?

Anaconda University

‘Anaconda University’ was the tenth-most discussed topic on Twitter in the Philippines this night, behind other, more timely topics like #DefineMasakit, #WhenIWasAKid, #HappyWuYiFanDay, Hatid Sundo Gimme5 Single, #BosconianKaKung, My Beki Boss On Bandila, and Today is Chicserifics Day. According to Two Wives Updates (‏@2WivesUpdates), over the past few minutes or an hour so, ‘Anaconda University’ was trending Wednesday night because of Regine Angeles’ performance in #TwoWivesPH #[email protected]

A quick search for the topic reveals several funny statements and memes from the netizens.