AJ Ramos Scandal (Masturbation) Video Goes Viral

AJ Ramos Scandal (Masturbation) Video goes viral

AJ Ramos scandal has made a comeback but this time he recorded himself masturbating inside his bedroom, sources said. He trended online in 2014 for the same reason, a scandal with his girlfriend, Abby Santiaguel.

AJ Ramos Scandal (Masturbation) Video goes viral

He is now relentlessly teased by the netizens about the video, as the extent of the teasing goes way past several online bullies.

Netizens had posted on Twitter several screenshots and video clips of him masturbating in front of his phone camera.

Video taping someone engaging in a sexual act without their consent is disturbing and completely horrifying on its own, but except this guy, who used his own phone to record himself masturbating and allegedly uploaded to social media sites. It seems he wanted to follow the footsteps of Hayden Kho, who had the No. 1 most controversial sex scandal in Asia.

The video of AJ Ramos masturbating went viral. It went beyond his bedroom. It went beyond his mobile phone. It went to microblogging site Twitter. Netizens who didn’t know AJ Ramos had read about it and seen the video that was taken of him by himself.

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