Weddings are held in a lot of venues in the Philippines, so choosing a location for your big day can be tough. The quiet atmosphere of churches do offer that peaceful and traditional touch, but garden or hilltop weddings add a dreamy element to the entire ceremony. However, out of all the wedding destinations available in the country, none of them can beat the true beauty of the beach.

Beach weddings held in popular beach resorts in Batangas give couples a one-of-a-kind wedding experience, which they can share with their entire wedding party. Beach weddings often end up as unforgettable events because of the following reasons:

1. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery with the people you love.
Beaches are abundant with gorgeous natural landscapes. Between pristine blue waters and colossal rock formations by the shore, couples will have plenty of scenic spots to choose from to say their “I do’s.” Having the sky, sand, and ocean as their backdrop ensures that their photos will remain stunning.

Plus, beach weddings that are held at certain hours of the day reveal different colors and textures that can set the tone of the event. The sunrise can greet everyone with the early morning sea breeze, while the golden hue of the sunset accents the ceremony with a bit of romance. Weddings held in the evening are more intimate, especially when the night sky is dotted with stars.

2. Get the best location for a casual yet elegant wedding.
The relaxing and comfy ambiance beaches provide allows couples to have a casual yet elegant wedding theme. Brides can wear white summery dresses and replace traditional wedding heels with flats or go totally barefoot. Grooms, on the other hand, can swap their uncomfortable tuxes or barongs with an outfit that’s made with a thinner and lighter material. Additionally, guests can ditch the formal wear and put on simpler, tropical-inspired clothing to match the overall aesthetic of the ceremony.

3. Do away with costly décor.
Extravagant indoor weddings require a lot of décor to help create the setting for the event. With beaches, however, couples can depend on nature to do all the hard work for them. Well-maintained beaches are already naturally beautiful, so there’s no sense to add costly decorations that can ruin the venue’s allure. Couples won’t need fancy curtains or wallpapers, and they will be able to cut down on costs and still get the wedding of their dreams.

4. Enjoy a stress-free experience on your wedding day.
Couples who choose to have their wedding at a beach resort and/or hotel are often given an all-inclusive wedding package by the establishment. This means that their catering, photography, entertainment, and other wedding necessities will be well-taken care of, so they can enjoy and relax on their special day. What’s more, couples will no longer need to find another location for their honeymoon because the beach is just a few steps away from their suite.

5.Plan for a celebration and a vacation in one go.
Beaches are the perfect destination to get some R&R. As such, beach weddings can turn into a great vacation that provides a short getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. The challenge, however, is to ensure that the place is ready to handle the long hours of partying and the number of guests invited. For this reason, couples need to secure the venue and date ahead of time and provide enough lodging for their guests.

Planning for your wedding is already stressful, so why not help keep your mind at ease by choosing a beach as the venue for the ceremony? Whenever you close your eyes and imagine your big day, the beach’s serene and tranquil landscape will instantly bring you into a state of calm.