Wikipedia Releases Protected List of Philippine Fake News Websites


Wikipedia has released a protected page list of Philippine fake news websites. The list ‘intentionally, but not necessarily, solely published hoaxes and disinformation for purposes other than news satire.’

Wikipedia Releases Protected List of Philippine Fake News Websites

It revealed that “some of these sites use homograph spoofing attacks, typosquatting and other deceptive strategies similar to those used in phishing attacks to resemble genuine news outlets.”

Some notable websites in the list include Thinking Pinoy (,, and Trending News Portal. The opinion blog founded by RJ Nieto is labeled to have ‘posted multiple fake news’ while Trending News Portal (TNP), which has changed its URLs multiple times, “makes no representations, warranties, or assurances as to the accuracy, currency or completenesss of the content contain on this website or and sites linked to this site”.

As described by PolitiFact, fake news is fabricated content designed to fool readers and subsequently made viral through the Internet to crowds that increase its dissemination.

Check out the complete list below:

24Seven Daily News

Ako’y Pilipino

Al Jazeera TV (Imitates Al Jazeera)

All Things Pinoy

Asian Policy Press

Balitang Pinas

BBC101, BBC Channel, TV BBC (Imitates BBC)

BBC Times (Imitates BBC)

Blog di latestdutertenews

Classified Trends

TV CNN, CNN Channel, CNN Alive (Imitates CNN) (contains malware)

Dai1lymail/Mail in One (Imitates Daily Mail)

Daily Filipino

Daily Filipinews

Definitely Filipino

Dugong Maharlika

Duterte News

Duterte News Blog

Duterte News Info

Duterte Trending News

DW-TV3 (Imitates DW-TV)


Media ni Duterte

Extreme Readers

FilipiNews PH


Fox Channel (Imitates Fox News)

GMA TV (Imitates GMA 7)


Guard1an (Imitates The Guardian)

Hot News Philippines

I Am Pilipino

International Latest Updates

Kalye Pinoy

Leak News PH

Maharlika News

My News TV

News 8 Bureau

News Feed Society


News Info Learn

News Media PH

News Titans

News Trend PH

News TV


Philippine News Blog

Philippine News Courier

Philippine News Portal (Imitates The Philippine Star)

Pilipinas Online Updates

Pilipinas Trending News

Pinas News Portal

Pinoy Article

Pinoy Freedom Wall

Pinoy News Blogger

Pinoy News TV

Pinoy Pasikat

Pinoy Speak

Pinoy Viral Issues

Pinoy World


Pinoy Trending

Pinoy Trending News

Pinoy Tribune

Pinoy Viral Issues

Pinoy World

Public Trending


Radio GTV

So Whats News

Social News PH

Taho News

Tartey Viral

The News Feeder

The Philippine Politics

The T1mes (Imitates The Times)

The Volatilian

Thinking Pinoy

Today in Manila

Today’s Broadcast

Trending Balita

Trending News Portal

Trending News Video

Trending Topics

Trending Viral

Tulfo News


USA Radio

Verified Philippines

Viral Portal