Viral: Is this how Jesus really looked like?



Forensic Anthropologist Richard Neave based this illustration fromm the three skulls found from Israeli archaeological sites. He constructed the shape of Jesus’ face using computerized tomography. The outcome was a man with tan skin, a broader nose and a short hairdo. It is far from the Caucasian man with long brown hair as seen in many religious artworks.

Biographer Matthew Kilburn, as cited on, argued on his Facebook Monday morning, “Jesus certainly wasn’t Nordic-looking. But nor was he ‘Black.’ He most likely shared the skin tone of those of his community. If you pull up pictures of Palestinian men today, you’ll  find a skin tone much closer to ‘white’ than to ‘black,’ but most accurately described as ‘tan’ or olive.'”

He also added that people cannot base on skulls to analyze how someone wore his hair, “but if you look at the Shroud of Turin, it clearly shows a figure with long hair.”

Along with the spread of this illustration were the different takes of netizens on Facebook.

One argued that based on where Jesus lived as stated in the Bible, He “looks more like an Arabian person than a European.” Another Facebook user, however, stated that how Jesus looked does not matter and people should “focus on His purpose” instead.




Neave is a medical artist from the University of Manchester in England. He was reported to be an expert in forensic facial reconstruction, one of which is Ydee Girl, a prehistoric bog body.