Nintendo Announces Nintendo 2DS

Nintendo 2DS
Nintendo 2DS to be released within this year
Nintendo 2DS
Nintendo 2DS to be released within this year

Nintendo has announced its newest update to the Nintendo DS family with the 2DS set to arrive within the year.

The device features similarities to the Nintendo 3DS in its capabilities, although it no longer has a flip screen body and will not feature any 3D capabilities as per the Nintendo 3DS.

The shape and design has already been likened to a doorstop, slice of a cheese wheel and an axe head, featuring a bizarre shape uncharacteristic to previous iterations of the device.

Aside from the regular ABXY buttons, home button, directional pad and analog stick, there are also two separate displays. A 3.5 inch screen adorns the top of the device whilst a 3.0 inch screen underneath it, bearing the same specifications of the 3DS.

Nintendo’s website features a statement on the new device.

“The new Nintendo 2DS system c, minus 3D viewing. And the price makes the world of Nintendo games even more accessible.”

Additionally, Nintendo has also stated that the release of the device is geared at youngsters under the age of 7 years old. The 3DS device has an age suitable raiting of 7 years and older.

The introductory price of the device is set at US$129 and will be available from October 12th, later this year.