iPhone SE prices released, valued at P26,490 in PH


MANILA, Philippines – Apple Philippines has released the prices of the 2020 iPhone SE on their official website. Most affordable price is at P26,490 for 64GB. The following models are priced at P30,490 for 128GB and P36,490 for 256GB, April 16.

The Philippine flagship has yet to release dates on its release. Based from the website, the company has claimed that there have been no models released for the three color variants of the said phone.

Apple Philippines just teased tech savvies with, “iPhone SE is coming.” In the US, the expected release will be on April 24.

While some have expected this model to be called the iPhone 9, Apple maintained their iPhone SE monicker and will be selling this at a similar price point with the previous one released at $399. While this time around, the price points in the Philippines are higher compare to the US price when converted. This was the case even with the previous iPhone 11 model.

What’s new, really?

Some of the notable features of the said iPhone is its chip which is equivalent to IOS 13 and a physical appearance and battery span of the iPhone 8.

Apple was also generous with the specs in this lower-end phone, including the Haptic Touch System and lauded its camera as the best single snapper it has innovated, ranking higher than the iPhone XR. 

Some of the other features of the phone include the touch button and its 40% increased efficiency compared to the iPhone 8 model and more than twice as fast as its earlier iPhone SE 2016 model.

Tech experts have claimed that this model of the iPhone will be a viable option for the older generations who are still looking into the old look of the Apple phone which has the top bezel and the touch censor.