UAAP Season 77 Games Schedule and Results

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The UAAP Season 77 senior men’s basketball tournament is scheduled to begin on July 12, 2014 with UE vs UP and DLSU vs FEU as the openers.

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The University of the East has been selected to serve as host for the UAAP men’s basketball and other sports tournaments with Ms. Carmelita Mateo as President while the tournament commissioner is Andy Jao.

Tentative venues for the men’s basketball tournaments include SM Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City and Smart Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City.

This year’s theme is “Unity in Excellence”.

Firs semester sports are basketball (seniors division), volleyball (juniors division), beach volleyball, badminton, judo, taekwondo, poomsae, table tennis, swimming, and cheerdance while the second semester sports include basketball (juniors division), volleyball (seniors division), football, softball, track and field, fencing, baseball, tennis, and chess.

Hence, eight universities will be competing in fifteen sports to earn points for the general championship.

The difference in the basketball division is that the junior division will now be held in the second semester, unlike in the previous seasons.

All the men’s basketball games will be aired live by ABS-CBN Sports, the former for the fifteenth consecutive year following the renewal of the contract for the broadcast of the games and the latter since Season 69.

UAAP Season 77 Games Schedule, Results

Following are the first round schedule of the UAAP men’s basketball tournament.

UAAP Season 77 Games Schedule and Results
Elimination Rounds
DateTimeNo.Team 1-Team 2VenueScore
16-Sep-144:00PM 56 UP vs ADUSmart Araneta Coliseum-
16-Sep-142:00PM 55 UST vs UESmart Araneta Coliseum-
13-Sep-144:00PM 54 DLSU vs NUSmart Araneta Coliseum-
13-Sep-142:00PM 53 ADMU vs FEUSmart Araneta Coliseum-
10-Sep-144:00PM 52 NU vs USTSmart Araneta Coliseum-
10-Sep-142:00PM 51 UE vs DLSUSmart Araneta Coliseum-
7-Sep-144:00PM 50 FEU vs UESmart Araneta Coliseum-
7-Sep-142:00PM 49 NU vs UPSmart Araneta Coliseum-
6-Sep-144:00PM 48 DLSU vs USTMall of Asia Arena-
6-Sep-142:00PM 47 ADMU vs ADUMall of Asia Arena-
3-Sep-144:00PM 46 ADU vs FEUSmart Araneta Coliseum-
3-Sep-142:00PM 45 UP vs ADMUSmart Araneta Coliseum-
31-Aug-144:00PM 44 NU vs UESmart Araneta Coliseum-
31-Aug-142:00PM 43 DLSU vs ADUSmart Araneta Coliseum-
30-Aug-144:00PM 42 UST vs ADMUSmart Araneta Coliseum-
30-Aug-142:00PM 41 UP vs FEUSmart Araneta Coliseum-
27-Aug-144:00PM 40 FEU vs DLSUMall of Asia Arena-
27-Aug-142:00PM 39 UP vs USTMall of Asia Arena-
24-Aug-144:00PM 38 ADMU vs NUSmart Araneta Coliseum-
24-Aug-142:00PM 37 ADU vs UESmart Araneta Coliseum-
23-Aug-144:00PM 36 UST vs FEUMall of Asia Arena-
23-Aug-142:00PM 35 DLSU vs UPMall of Asia Arena-
20-Aug-144:00PM 34 UE vs ADMUMall of Asia Arena-
20-Aug-142:00PM 33 NU vs ADUMall of Asia Arena-
17-Aug-144:00PM 32 ADMU vs DLSUSmart Araneta Coliseum-
17-Aug-1411:00AM 31 FEU vs NUSmart Araneta Coliseum74 - 70 OT
16-Aug-144:00PM 30 UE vs UPSmart Araneta Coliseum68 - 48
16-Aug-142:00PM 29 UST vs ADUSmart Araneta Coliseum61 - 59
13-Aug-144:00PM 6 ADU vs FEUSmart Araneta Coliseum62 - 71
13-Aug-142:00PM 5 UST vs UESmart Araneta Coliseum62 - 72
10-Aug-144:00PM 28 DLSU vs USTMall of Asia Arena83 - 70
10-Aug-142:00PM 27 UE vs ADMUMall of Asia Arena91 - 93 OT
9-Aug-144:00PM 26 NU vs FEUMall of Asia Arena62 - 71
9-Aug-142:00PM 25 ADU vs UPMall of Asia Arena66 - 77
6-Aug-144:00PM 24 ADMU vs USTSmart Araneta Coliseum63 - 61
6-Aug-142:00PM 23 UP vs DLSUSmart Araneta Coliseum53 - 74
3-Aug-144:00PM 22 FEU vs ADMUSmart Araneta Coliseum78 - 81
3-Aug-142:00PM 21 NU vs UESmart Araneta Coliseum57 - 55
2-Aug-144:00PM 20 DLSU vs ADUSmart Araneta Coliseum67 - 48
2-Aug-142:00PM 19 UP vs USTSmart Araneta Coliseum57 - 73
30-Jul-144:00PM 18 ADU vs NUMall of Asia Arena25 - 62
30-Jul-142:00PM 17 FEU vs UEMall of Asia Arena73 - 63
27-Jul-142:00PM 15 UP vs FEUMall of Asia Arena71 - 85
27-Jul-144:00PM 14 UE vs DLSUMall of Asia Arena58 - 60
26-Jul-144:00PM 16 ADMU vs NUMall of Asia Arena60 - 64
26-Jul-142:00PM 13 UST vs ADUMall of Asia Arena50 - 49
23-Jul-144:00PM 12 NU vs DLSUSmart Araneta Coliseum55 - 57
23-Jul-142:00PM 11 ADMU vs UPSmart Araneta Coliseum86 - 75
20-Jul-144:00PM 10 FEU vs USTMall of Asia Arena67 - 69
20-Jul-1411:00AM 8 DLSU vs ADMUSmart Araneta Coliseum86 - 97
19-Jul-144:00PM 9 ADU vs UEMall of Asia Arena72 - 99
19-Jul-142:00PM 7 NU vs UPSmart Araneta Coliseum70 - 59
13-Jul-144:00PM 4 NU vs USTSmart Araneta Coliseum59 - 40
13-Jul-142:00PM 3 ADMU vs ADUSmart Araneta Coliseum79 - 57
12-Jul-144:00PM 2 DLSU vs FEUSmart Araneta Coliseum77 - 82
12-Jul-142:00PM 1 UE vs UPSmart Araneta Coliseum87 - 59