National Power Hug Day, May 3, celebrates hugging power of Mayweather?

Power Hug (Luto Trend)

Netizens want to celebrate National Power Hug Day every May 3 while heavily punch by opponents. They want to start it with heavy punches and followed by hugging the punchers to clearly celebrate “power hugs”.

Power Hug (Luto Trend)

Filipinos want to register the day with the Bureau of Internal Revenue office. Netizens do not want to go further without involving Commissioner Kim S. Henares, who always focuses on the filing of tax evasion cases under the RATE Program. Kim has a significant role in each of Manny Pacquiao’s fights. She always wants to assure that Manny comes home empty handed.

If approved, National Power Hug Day will be described as “the day when all you need to survive is a hug.” It will be also a day to celebrate the hugging business of Floyd Mayweather, Jr. inside the ring when fighting Manny Pacquiao.

Netizens also want to register the day in the United States, and other countries except Canada, the homeland of Justin Bieber. Justin is expected to disagree punching Mayweather in his country.

But netizens are worried offering free “power hugs.” They thought they could get you in trouble, unless you remember that not everyone wants a “force hug.”

Here are some of the ‘Power hug’ memes courtesy of respective owners online:

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