Why ‘international terrorist’ Sali Makhdum cannot be Googled?

Alleged international terrorist Sali Makhdum cannot be found on Google because of one reason. And it's hilarious!


Netizens were disappointed to find on Google in the search for alleged international terrorist Sali Makhdum since the day he was mentioned by Senator Leila De Lima witness Edgar Matobato on Thursday.

‘Sali Makdum,’ ‘Sali Makhdum,’ or ‘Sali Makdum,’ a suspected international terrorist who Matobato claimed was killed upon the orders of President Rodrigo Duterte in 2002, can never be found on Google for one reason.

Sun Star revealed that the alleged international terrorist was a neighbor of Edgar Matobato in Tagbaobo village, Samal.

Sun Star reported that the rumor in the village was that Makdul was allegedly kidnapped just as he was supposed to pay for a land he bought. It did not have anything to do with drugs nor with President Rodrigo Duterte, the leader said.

“Makdul was never seen again in the village and is believed dead. Makdul was referred to by the community leader as a “Turko,” the report said.

“The “Gaisano Sudivision” that Matobato referred is a tract of land that residents say is owned by the Gaisanos in village of Tagbay also in Samal,” it added.

Meanwhile, netizens poked fun at the search of the alleged international terrorist, as netizens asked the same question.

Finding Sali Makhdum