Is Anon PH for Duterte?

There has been a video that surfaced online on May 1, 2016, which used the name of Anonymous Philippines, in threatening the Aquino of a ‘big rebellion’ whenever cheating transpires in 2016 Philippine National Elections.

anonymous philippines

The anonymous speaker, who claims to be from Anon PH, in the video also claimed that Presidential Candidate and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte as “the one who will solve all these misery – corruption, chaos and injustice in our country.”

Click here for the original video.


Philippines this is Anonymous. You may be wondering why we are here, which you clearly know, it is about politics. The Presidential Election 2016 for the Philippines, which must not be taken easily. As you can see, the worst thing you can do about the country is being blind to its own diseases. Are you trying to conceal yourself in thinking that we have a good government with no flaws? No. For too long, corporations and the government believed they have the right over people as though we were pieces of property; and information to be handled for profit.

The government doesn’t know anything about the internet. We, Anonymous will expose cheating in the government election from corrupt officials to the President itself controlling his dogs, like Roxas, Trillanes and others. The only way to beat the one strong hope for our country, which is Duterte… the only hope for real change. But those dogs will do everything in their power to cheat to win. Machines and anything on the Internet can easily be flawed, especially by those who own and handles this technology.

They will not win, but if they win, it is because they cheated. People are getting paid. Media are being paid. Big business owners, ordinary citizens and especially the government officials… in the end, it is only about business. They are blinded by money and never have that integrity and pride anymore. I pity them.

Cheat and people will not find out, but we will. We are warning you, President Aquino and your dog, Roxas, Trillanes. Cheat and we will take down your government websites, hack your systems and corrupt all your data. It is going to be a big rebellion, a bloody one. We will influence the Filipino people and rise up as one. The only way to eliminate corruption is to take down those corrupt in the government positions. We will conduct a cyber attack in all cause and team up with elite Anonymous members from Asia, Europe and America.

We will show you no mercy. And again, we don’t want to advertise Duterte, but we clearly see that he is the one who will solve all these misery – corruption, chaos and injustice in our country. You want to see Anonymous rise up? Try to shut down the message. Try to squash the message. Try to thrill our speech. Then you would see what Anonymous can do. If speaking up against idiocy in the government and unconstitutional amendments is a crime, then we are proud to be a cyber criminal.

Share our message to everyone and let the government know.

We are anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.


Administrators of Facebook Page Anonymous Philippines, clarified that Anonymous is, in fact, a brand that anyone can use.

“In reality Anonymous is Nonpartisan. The collective doesn’t take either sides of a the political spectrum but we take foreign and national policies that may affect the citizens of our own country and to the citizens of every other country very seriously,” Admin Blank stated on his note.

He/she also added, “Those who try to call themselves Anonymous while pursuing political agenda do not know the history and the traditions of Anonymous in its existence.”

Another administrator posted, “WE DO NOT ENDORSE ANY CANDIDATE FOR THIS UPCOMING ELECTION. We only hope for a clean and honest election, those videos/images you see circulating online claiming support for a certain candidate is totally fake.”

Anonymous also do not call themselves an organization, club, party, nor a movement.