Grace Poe has the fastest growing Facebook page

Grace Poe has a total of additional 516,039 fans in one month.


Grace Poe has the fastest growing Facebook page for any presidential candidate in the Philippines, according to Socialbakers, the most popular provider of social media analytic tools, statistics and metrics for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube.

On August 27, 2015 (last 6 months), Poe had 476,612 fans on the Facebook. Today, when she was still listed as an official candidate as president of the country, it had jumped to 1.831 million fans.


After presidential candidates Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago and Jejomar Binay, who have 3.345 million and 2.067 million fans following on Facebook, respectively, Grace Poe is the third most popular presidential candidates. (READ: Top 10 Most Popular Philippine Politicians on Facebook)

But even she only came third on the list, however, she continues to have the fastest growing page (for the last day, week and month) of any candidate.

Grace Poe Socialbakers
Poe continues to have the fastest growing page (for the last week) of any politician or elected official nationwide. Photo: Screengrabbed from Socialbakers)

She has a greater growth rate on Facebook (5.91%,) last week compared to any presidential candidate.

CandidateBy DayBy WeekBy Month
Grace Poe17,992 102,150
Jejomar Binay4,658 40,316151,106
Rodrigo Duterte4,24227,157
Mar Roxas41416,67679,089
Miriam Santiago2,10212,10236,457

Senator Grace Poe’s fan growth recorded an increase of 515,039 fans in one month (Jan. 12-Feb. 11), an increase of 102,150 fans in one week (Feb. 4-Feb. 11), and an increase of 17,992 fans in one day. Vice President Jejomar Binay followed with 151,039 fans increase by month, 40,316 fans increase by week, and 4,658 fans by day.

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte came third with 4,242 fans increment by day, 27,157 fans increment by week, and 81,766 fans increase by month.

Mar Roxas placed fourth with 414 fans increase in one day, 16,676 fans increase in one week, and 79,089 additional fans in one month.

Although Miriam Santiago has the highest fans following on Facebook with 3.345 million fans, but she has the slowest fan growth with 2,102 fans additional in one day, higher than Mar Roxas’ 413 fans following in one day. She gained 12,102 fans in one week (Feb. 3-Feb. 11) and 36,457 fans in one month (Jan. 12-Feb. 11).

Note: This study covered paid and organic reach and could not verify who are truly popular with organic audience. Socialbakers has Promoted Post Detection, but we need to purchase it for a hundred bucks.