#SONA2018 Reaction: Stronger Bonds with ASEAN and China


The strongman then touted that the country is experiencing renewed and stronger relations with ASEAN countries and has in fact gained an ally with China (which was underscored with a pan shot of the Chinese delegation inside the Congress) whom he credited with being a partner in developing a draft framework on the Code of Conduct for the South China Sea.

Duterte then emphasized that while there is a stronger and more open relationship between the country and China, that the country wouldn’t stop in its claims in the West Philippine Sea. Again, in this case, the reaction was a huge laugh from the people who are against the administration as they know it was mere lip service by the speech writers to appease the crowd. With our present openness with China is commendable for some, the perception that we have ceded several islands in the WPS to China is still strong.

He also stated that there would be stronger ties for Filipinos abroad who are toiling to make ends meet for their families in the country. He promised that they would be getting better care and treatment with the attached agencies taking care of them. With millions of people abroad, earning a living and sending remittances home, keeping the country afloat, it has to be good news for them.

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