#SONA2018 Reaction: Railroading TRAIN – stop it!


He did have a few words for his critics on TRAIN Law’s implementation – you cannot railroad the TRAIN as it has left the station already! He reiterated that the TRAIN Law has already helped the poor and the elderly by way of vouchers and unconditional cash transfers. He stated that his quest for an equitable tax system is immaculate and that there will be more installations of the tax reform law.

He mentioned that it is his vision that the subsequent installations of the TRAIN Law would be as effective in raising the funds that government needs to finance programs and projects that would benefit the people of the country. He said that opponents of the law shouldn’t try to railroad it because we still have yet to see the full effects and advantages of the law. However, initial reaction form the people show that they are appealing to suspend the TRAIN Law as it has led to several prices to skyrocket, making commodities hard to avail.

He also made mention of the rice cartel – affecting the artificial rice shortage that causes the higher prices of rice commodities for the people. He urged them to stop trying to make a fool of the people because he would be giving them a problem if they won’t stop stating that authorities know who they are. He also certified the change from quota system to tariff system for importation to ensure that there will be enough supply of rice for the people.

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