#SONA2018 Reaction: Other Highlights


Duterte then made mention of several key aspects that he would be asking the Congress and Senate to handle within the next few sessions including the Coconut Farmers’ Trust Fund, the drafting of terms of reference for a third telecommunications firm (after he called the PLDT-SMART and Globe conglomerates a duopoly) that would be fair for those concerned and would push down the interconnection rates to make it easier for Filipinos to communicate.

He also reiterated that there is going to be a new department in the government, essentially creating the Department of Disaster Management which would oversee the efforts to combat calamities and the resulting damages herein. He then harangued the irresponsible mining groups which resorted to open mining techniques as they were destroying the country’s resources, reiterating that the environment is for the future generations.

He also didn’t forget to mention that Special Assistant to the President Bong Go was instrumental to the establishment of Malasakit Centers in Cebu, Tacloban and Iloilo, probably trying to get a good word for his right hand man for the people to consider his impending run for higher office. He also made mention of the Boracay effort – stating that it is the start of a national effort to clean up popular tourist destinations as we are merely stewards of nature. He did threaten in his way that local government shouldn’t wait for the national government to swoop down on them and make them pay for their transgressions.

Below are links to reactions to 3rd State of the Nation Address highlighting specific topics. Hope this helps.