#SONA2018 Reaction: No End to ENDO


He then tried to make a clean breast of things, and tried to soften the blows of the failure to succeed in his promise of ending ENDO for the industry workers. He reiterated that he cannot make a deal that would be good for all parties concerned. Though he did promise that he would lend support to the legislation trying to end ENDO, it probably didn’t sit well with the common people who were hoping for a bit of better news on this front.

The reaction to this statement from the President was a collective shrug – as he seemingly admitted that he couldn’t do anything to pursue the electoral promise that he swayed millions of Filipinos in. three years hence from his assumption of power, there are still people who are in the clutches of contractual work, not receiving benefits due them because of the tenure that is effectively denied them by their employers. One can seemingly hear the disgruntled gnashing of teeth by millions of Filipinos hoping for a stronger stance from the President.

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