#SONA2018 Reaction: Initial Salvo


After the usual greetings of the different personalities present in the august halls of the venue, President Duterte went straight to business, urging the people to understand that the war on drugs will not stop under his administration. He repeatedly told the people gathered that his belief is that drugs are a huge menace to society and that something has to be done about it. He even chided the people fighting for human rights that he should be supported in his quest to eliminate and eradicate the menace because, “your interest is human rights and my interest is human lives.” What’s quite alarming are the words that he uttered, it will be as relentless and as chilling as the day it began. Tantamount to saying that extra judicial killings would continue in order to stem the little fish peddling the menace on the streets.

Again, the reaction of the gathered crowd was approving but in the streets, where two diverging masses of groups were expressing their sentiments, two sets of differing reactions could be heard – in one, wild applause and cheering, in the other, veiled contempt and gnashing of teeth and muffled curses. Still par for the course, as the previous iterations of the SONA have seen.

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