#SONA2018 Reaction: Final Take


As a final word, let us go back to the beginning – the third SONA of President Duterte is surprising in many levels. It does provide a lip service that many people were looking and waiting for. In fact, many people were surprised by the genteel version of the President – it is said, as if he bared his soul for the public to see. He appeared vulnerable at times – tired, human, in need of rest – asking for help to stem the tide of problems the country is faced. He appeared to be begging for understanding, not for the way he does things but for what he must do to ensure that the promises he has made in the past would be made solid and concrete by different legislations.

On the other side of the spectrum, opposition parties simply shrugged off the SONA as a mere play on words – reiterating that human rights are complementary to human lives and that they cannot be separated. They criticized the play on words as a mere ploy to appease the ProDuterte supporters who were expected to clap and cheer for their President no matter what he does. They did state, in so many terms, that the President needs to come out of his office to feel and see what the common people are experiencing to get a feel of what needs to be done.

Democracy at its finest, two conflicting sides showing the civility to disagree on so many points. Both outspoken, one criticizing, one supporting – all hoping for a better Philippines. All hoping that the promises made would be concretized, promises made would be handled properly.

Below are links to reactions to 3rd State of the Nation Address highlighting specific topics. Hope this helps.