#SONA2018 Reaction: Corrosive Love – and a Subtle Reminder


The President then segued into his “…the love of money is corrosive…” part of the SONA, highlighting his administration’s quest against corruption. While he stated that the administration is going after the people who have stolen from the government’s coffers, he also stated that there will come a time when karma would come back to haunt them.

Then he went to congratulate the Congress for the passing of a landmark Ease of Doing Business Law then stepped back and fired shots at agencies reported to have the most red tape in their bureaucracies. He reiterated the government’s call that frontline services have to be made as effective as possible and accessible to the public at all times.

It is of course tantamount to saying that frontline service agencies have to make sure that their services would be properly handled otherwise they’d be in for a tongue-lashing or more from the President himself. Many people doubtlessly wondered how it would affect the Department of foreign Affairs’ passport application processes and the Land Transportation Office’s Driver’s License processes – two agencies that have gotten the worst reviews from clients in the past few months.

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