#SONA2017 Reaction: War on Drugs and Criminality

#SONA2017 Reaction: War on Drugs and Criminality

Duterte reiterated that he valued human life as he valued his own. That is the reason why he is angry at the criminals who endanger the people whom he has sworn to protect. He warned that he will not stop until he can hound the culprits to the very gates of hell.

This reiteration of his support for the war on drugs and criminality is seen as somewhat a bad omen for the masses. With the rampant doubt that the evidence is planted, more and more people are afraid that they can be set-up. People who have surrendered in Project Tokhang are among the ones who usually end up in the wrong end of the deal. While it has forced people to refrain from getting into illegal drugs, he has created a stir that is rising against him. It still hasn’t reached a crescendo but his ratings have taken a beating from unprecedented highs.

He also repeated his support for the troops, stating he has their back as long as they serve the country. He also emphasized the social assistance program for soldiers who have been wounded and declared unfit for combat.

While his dedication for the welfare of the brave heroes is exemplary, Duterte’s manner of showing his support can be at times questionable. His exhortations and statements can be seen by sectors as offensive and tasteless. Maybe it’s the machismo talking but a lot of sectors are raising their hackles because of the President’s penchant to brandish a different brand of humor.

The seemingly nonchalant way of espousing rape has been seen as tasteless by pro-women’s rights groups and even the religious groups have raised the issue to him. He still maintains his brand of humor is based on the humor of the masses and he means no harm.

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