#SONA2017 Reaction: A View from the Outside

#SONA2017 Reaction- A view from outside

A six thousand strong contingent guarded the roads leading to the Batasang Pambansa. This represents a fifty percent increase from the previous year’s protection unit. The major difference this year is the absence of batons, truncheons, shields and helmets among the ranks. They stood watch as protesters marched along three lanes to voice out their disillusion with the administration.

Pro-Duterte supporters also held their own rally. While both factions did not clash, the difference in the ideology can be seen as a distinct delineation among the populace.

While the ideological differences are present, the delineation is quite impressive since the demarcations are quite evident. On one end stand the anti-administration supporters who have become disillusioned with the broken promises while on the other side are staunch supporters who follow the President’s every word.

The atmosphere was quite festive and the real winners were the small entrepreneurs peddling water and food to the protesters and rally-goers. Proof that there is an opportunity to be had in such an occasion.

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