#SONA2017 Reaction: Surprise Volleys

#SONA2017 Reaction: Surprise Volleys

One of the first surprise volleys landed on the mining industry sector. President Duterte reiterated that miners should be responsible for returning the areas they mine to the pristine state it was before. He even commended the team of anchor Ted Failon for an expose about the effects of mining.

His declaration that he will increase the taxes of the mining industry can be seen as a veiled threat to the powerful oligarchs who back it. Raising their taxes even for the benefit of the armed forces may be seen as detrimental to the growth of the industry. Stricter regulations as recommended by former DENR secretary Gina Lopez can again come to fore.

Another surprise volley landed on the lap of the United States of America. While the President waxed poetic about the Balangiga Massacre and demanded the return of the Balangiga Bells, the discomfort in the face of the US ambassador was palpable. While the President has a point in declaring and demanding the return of these national treasures, it could have been done in a more diplomatic manner. However, this proves that PDuts has the balls to demand from the US, a reluctant and ever increasing outside ally. He even praised the attitude of US President Trump whose straightforward and seemingly unstoppable mouth can be compared to his own.

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