Senator Grace Poe Tempts Fate


Senator Grace Poe issued a statement that seems to be tempting fate and is seriously a statement that begets the question if she knows what she is up against. Poe, during the meeting, asked if there is some way to regulate or even block Facebook from being used in the country. She even stated that she knows that China has been doing this to their citizens. Moreover, she stated that being granted authority and behest by the government to operate in its territory, they have no recourse but to follow should this be the case.

And while the telecommunications expert gave his assent, it still is a thorny issue – as social media is one of the most accessible ways to communicate with our loved ones. It is also one of the bastions of freedom of speech – an inalienable right bestowed upon all the citizens in the world not only by the Constitution but by mere existence. We have the right to express ourselves in any form, in any way, in any medium and for someone to even suggest that the government can and would curtail that right is tantamount to inciting a revolution.

We live in a society that is now quite enamored with the concept of social media. Rarely do you see a person who hasn’t heard anything about social media networks nowadays. Some people even have multiple accounts so that they can be any one they want to be at any time – and there is nothing that restricts that. And for someone to even suggest that restrictions and limitations would have to be imposed is something that is quite unacceptable.

Whether we like it or not, Facebook and internet resources are among the primary sources of information and communication for a lot of people nowadays. It has slowly and effectively replaced the newspapers, radio and television as the most trusted and most used form of communication. And while there are so many advantages, there certainly are so many disadvantages as well.

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Perhaps Poe wanted to restrict the access of Facebook for legitimate news stories – some people easily believe the contents of so many blogs and reports that can be categorized as fake news – that she may be legitimately concerned. But whether something is to be considered fake news or not is beyond the question – we do have our own critical minds. What is important is that we would be given every opportunity to access as much information as possible.

One cannot deny the fact that we are a society driven by information – and to even suggest restricting it is downright dastardly. We cannot have a society that would have restrictions on our freedom – it is our right – and we are first and foremost free men. Having the government restrict our freedoms is unacceptable – we may have been spoiled if they want to argue at that – but if our liberties are curtailed – we would be living in a society that is no longer free – we would become controlled – something that we cannot have.

Perhaps Poe may have legit concerns but she should skirt the issue of restricting social media use. Once you take one liberty off, you risk the anger of the people because they know that if one is taken away, another liberty cannot be far behind in the list. We must stay vigilant – and be wary of Greeks bearing gifts – or in this case, Senators who are suggesting things that may be inconvenient.