Public Conveyance is a Public Trust


My apologies to the personality who said that public service is a public trust as I am now appropriating it to mean that there are improvements in the public conveyance system that thousands of working class Filipinos use on a daily basis.

Yes, I am talking about the improvements in the Light Rail Transit 2 system that many people may overlook but still hold preciously dear to their hearts. Yes, dears, I am talking about the presence of the newly installed and newly improved escalator and elevator systems in the 11 stations of LRT-2. Yes, dears, 32 new elevators and 13 escalator systems may not seem to be much, but in the eyes of the long suffering riding public, it is a golden egg; in their ears it is sweet music. The lines would certainly become more bearable, the waiting time would be a bit more comfortable. Hey, every little bit counts, every little thing matters.

Whereas the equipment may be simple methods of conveyance for some, it is a necessity for a lot of people who have difficulty in using the stairs. You know, the elderly, the pregnant women, the infirm, the disabled – the usual people who use the public transport system. They are the ones who are targeted to benefit from the project. They are the ones who are being prioritized by the administration so that they can be better served. Common people like you and I, will also use this as it is there – something that needs to be used, something that rarely gets appreciated but otherwise indispensable in our lives.

Yes, the stairs may prove to be a healthier alternative for those who are health-conscious and all. But to majority of the riding public, the presence of working escalators and elevators are a huge blessing to them. They can now move faster from floor to floor and would not really exert that much energy. They can now use this unexpended energy to more productive work, such as in their jobs.

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It took five months of repairs and upgrades before the task was completed. But what is important is that the Department of Transportation (DOTr) under Secretary Arthur Tugade and the LRT2 Administration under Reynaldo Berroya listened to the voice of the riding public and made the necessary steps to ensure their convenience and their safety.

Whereas the past administrations did not seem to prioritize the uplifting of such conveyance facilities, the present administration under President Rodrigo Roa Duterte is showing that it has a soft spot for the commuting public as it sank Php 138 million of its funds to making sure that the nearly 200,000 Filipino workers who use the LRT2 system would not be that inconvenienced in walking to the train platform.

There is a continuous ray of hope for so many more projects such as this to materialize. There is a continuing hope that such campaign promises would be fulfilled by the present administration. There is a continuing hope that more positive change would be affected for the betterment of the lives of the Filipino people.

Mabuhay po kayo Sec. Arthur Tugade, LRT2 Administrator Reynaldo Berroya, at President Rodrigo Duterte.