How People Quickly Forget


How people quickly forget what other people have done for them. Granted it is human nature to do so, but there should at least be even a vestige of remembrance, a vestige of respect. For most of us, we remember the things that people who went out of the way to do for us. We simply are dictated by social norms that we should at least respect the person who did it.

And with what is being exposed right now, we are probably seeing a side of President Duterte that has not been bandied about – we are seeing a side that he doesn’t seem to want to be advertised. We are probably seeing the side that he gladly keeps under wraps so that he can portray the bad guy – the foul-mouthed man who seems to love terrorizing a lot of people. A side that shows that while he does have a garrulous image – he does have a soft spot for people in need.

And probably we are seeing a side of Ms. Pia Ranada that has forgotten to appreciate what has been done to her. Granted she might have forgotten about it – but with that kind of concern, it probably merits being remembered. Granted she might have been dictated by her bosses to write other things about the administration. Granted she may have been writing on a different point of view – granted she might be angling for something else.

A lot of things have had to be taken into consideration. But she shouldn’t have forgotten that once, the prohibitive favorite to win the elections took time out to ensure that they were properly taken care of when she needed the help. When the guy could have had others take care of the matter for him – he did it on his own. When the guy could have proven his arrogance, he showed his compassion – when the man could have decided to neglect them, he showed concern. (READ: No One is Above the Law)

Has Ms. Ranada quickly forgotten how she pinched the cheek of Candidate Duterte? Has she quickly forgotten how enamored she once was with him? Has she forgotten how he took care and took charge of the situation? Has she forgotten all about it in such a short period of time? Has she been disenchanted or is there a reason for such disenchantment?

We may never know the truth unless Ms. Ranada speaks up to air her side. But with the photographic evidence and the eyewitness account of her colleague, it seems there is indeed a side to Ms. Ranada that is being kept apart from the public scrutiny. Far from the strong-willed, independent woman she may be portraying, she may have once been a real damsel in distress who got the special treatment from an unexpected knight. Granted that the knight isn’t classically handsome, nor did he ride a horse and wield a lance as per our imaginations, but a knight nonetheless.

How fast people forget that they were once enamored, that they were once avid supporters – and how fast people would believe whatever she has written with the right amount of spin.