Highlights of President Aquino’s SONA 2015

Highlights of President Aquino's SONA 2015 for Reaction Paper

Here are the highlights from President Aquino’s 2015 State of the Nation address, including various achievements and calls for approval of the 2016 budget.

Highlights of President Aquino's SONA 2015 for Reaction Paper

You can use the highlights below as your guide in making reaction paper.

  • [BIR] Commisioner Kim Henares spared no tax evader. 380 cases have already been filed against those who attempted to evade taxes.
  • We were told that there are enough classrooms, but it turns out, there are four shifts of classes. Some come to school before dawn and other go home from school past dusk. But all of them were left in the dark because of insufficient class hours.
  • There are those who say I have blinders to the people who have long been with us on the straight path […] Am I the one with blinders or those who see only the ugliness [in our efforts]?
  • The criticism of those who oppose us say we are slow [on change], that if they become president, life will surely be better. For those older, our answer is, ‘Ah ganoon,’ while raising our eyebrows. For the youth, there is a different answer to the statement, ‘Eh ‘di wow.’
  • At [my mother’s] wake, someone approached and suggested that I run for the presidency. My response: I am not a masochist.
  • I believe Commissioner Kim Henares is kind, but those she filed cases against have a different opinion. She has not spared any tax evader. She has also established an efficient tax payment system and made sure everybody is aware of their duty to contribute to the country’s progress.
  • There is something wrong with giving one corrupt family or individual the opportunity to keep themselves in power. That thinking, too, is the reason why when there were those who wanted me to keep my post – even for just three more years – I objected. We cannot be sure of those who will lead next have good intentions, or if they just want to rule forever for their own interests. It’s time to pass the Anti-Dynasty Law.
  • There are people still asking, ‘Where are the results of the [Pantawid Pamilyang Program]?’ Our answer to that: Do they think that the [program] is like a magic tablet that if drunk by [kindergarteners], they will be in college in few hours? Let’s help them count […] K to 12 is 13 years while my term is only six years. It’s obvious who are those [who need help counting].
  • We have seen the worst example in November 2009 when 58 Filipinos were slain in Maguindanao. Just thinking about it is wrong. Bu [the Ampatuans] did it anyway. But the worst thing is, they believed they can get away with it because they are in government offices.
  • I will let history be the judge. Just like in the wake of my mother, I quote from the second book of Timothy chapter 4, verse 7: ‘I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.’ My bosses, we came from a situation where our country was blanketed by darkness. We were not sure if light would shine again. [Now] we are greeted by the sunrise of righteousness and opportunities.