‘Helmet Girl’ Chezka Bautista Needs a Master Class in Respect, Accountability


The viral video showing Chezka Bautista at her most unflattering beast mode is so wrong on so many levels. First, let’s start with her appearance. Well, we can concede that she is a head turner of a woman – the one who would be entertaining a lot of suitors. But the angelic quality of her beauty was suddenly overshadowed by her foul mouth. Oh, can she spew out the curse words like a deadbeat and drunken sailor. Such foul words coming from her at first didn’t really look and sound right but it was happening so it is real. Lesson learned, not all beautiful women have class. Some are really just pretty faces with no breeding.

Secondly, many people are wondering what in the world was inside her helmet? And what Jedi mind trick did she apply so that it would not spill? And why in the world couldn’t they just eat out in a restaurant? So many helmet related questions have been bothering the netizens and she alone can answer these queries. Gaano ba talaga kagutom at hindi mailagay sa tamang lalagyan? Gaano ba talaga kainit ang ulam nay an at hindi mahawakan? These are just some of the tamer comments that have been posted on her timeline so far. The others, well, you know ow it is. Plenty of bashers, this girl.

Thirdly, why in the world does she state that she is HANGRY? (For those of you who have been living under a rock, it is a combination of HUNGRY and ANGRY, so there) When as per the MMDA enforcer, they were stopped twice previously, 15 minutes apart. Akala ko ba e gutom na gutom? Bakit hindi na lang kumain sa restaurant na binilhan? Bakit hindi na lang bumili ng kanin at pagsaluhan sa isang tabi? Bakit teh? Bakit? Akala ko ba gutom na gutom ka?! And, for crying out loud, if you’re hangry and have to travel 15 minutes or more to get home, wouldn’t it be much better if you just ate before riding back home?

Fourth, her accountability and her misguided principle. Kaya hindi umuunlad ang Pilipinas, teh, daming nagpapalusot. Huli na nga, aakalain pang inaagrabyado pa sila. Mantakin mo namang pinalampas na halos sa pagtitiket, hindi pa rin nadala? And another compelling reason from Ate Helmet Girl, Madaling kitain ang pera. Pera lang yan. Magpatiket ka, ibigay mo lisensya mo! Dude, grow a spine as well! You are being manhandled (girl-handled? b*tchslapped?) by a woman who’s smaller than you but who’s got an ego the size of an island. Kahit pa gaano ka kagutom, (which we truly doubt), day, hindi dahilan yan para magmura at ipakita kung gaano ka kawalng modo at walang repseto sa persons in authority.

Based on the latest buzz surrounding her it seems she is trying to go with the flow and let the issue tide itself over – you know, die a natural death. But she is trying to latch on to her 15 minutes of fame. Karma is a B*TCH though as based on her sudden change of heart, her employer may be threatening to remove her from its rolls if she doesn’t appear contrite and issue a public apology. (She has been posting and hash-tagging public apology statements recently) I wonder what her actions have done to Alorica’s reputation in the BPO industry? Saklap ni, the? Dahil sa pagwawala mong wala sa lugar, damay damay na to!

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Lessons have to be learned the hard way. And Helmet Girl is no exception. She is going to learn a lot from this in a very, very, very hard way. Ika nga e isinugba ka sa apoy – tingnan natin kung paano mo malalampasan ito.