Fate or Coincidence? AlDub uncovers ‘kilig’ story when Ryzza Mae mentioned ‘Yaya’ in 2014

Aldub in Ryzza Mae Show in September 2014

The AlDub love team is filled with exciting occurrences of coincidence that defy explanation. Are these incredible stories of mere coincidence… or the hand of fate?

Aldub in Ryzza Mae Show in September 2014

On September 14, 2014, Alden Richards was asked by Ryzza Mae about his dream girl during the Ryzza Mae Show after he was asked to tell his mobile phone number. After he told Ryzza Mae of the type of girl he likes most, “kind” and “caring”, Ryzza immediately responded, “Yaya, gusto mo?”

After such question everyone in the studio laughed including Ryzza Mae. She even explained that “yaya” is kind and caring, so he must also include a “yaya” in his choices. Alden even seriously agreed to include a nanny.

“Pwede rin!,” Alden said.

After singing and dancing, he was even requested to do an acting as a leading man.

Now, he acts as the leading man in the Eat Bulaga’s first #KalyeSerye titled #KiligPaMore.

On the part of Maine Mendoza, after her Dubsmash compilations featuring acts of Kris Aquino went viral on Facebook, she then became an Internet sensation, being named “the Queen of Dubsmash”. She had even the opportunity to meet Kris Aquino herself and audition for Eat Bulaga’s Juan For All, All For Juan, where she was cast as Yaya Dub, the nanny of Wally Bayola’s character, Lola ni Dora.

After coincidentally being paired with Eat Bulaga host Alden Richards, “kilig” sprouted like wildfire even taking the attention of masculados and oldies. Their pairing, which was ship to “AlDub,” trended on Twitter, Philippines and Worldwide, numerous times.

Although in real life, Maine Mendoza is not a nanny, her character on television coincided with the type of a girl Alden also likes on television.

Fate or coincidence?