PNP tells residents to report quarantine and health protocol violators


MANILA, Philippines – The Philippine National Police urged residents to report residents who are quarantine and health protocol violators.

PNP deputy chief Lt. Gen. Guillermo Eleazar gave the said order as part of the government’s actions to strengthen reporting in the barangay level.

He said that they are encouraging resident reporting “if they have the means to report violations by their neighbors, especially if their identities would not be known.” 

Since the declaration of lockdowns in March, at least 277,900 residents have allegedly violated quarantine protocols.

Of the said number, authorities have charged some 28 percent of them. That equates to 78,339 individuals. On the other hand, policemen either fined or warned the rest.

Eleazar also said that the cooperation of the public will help authorities enforce mask wearing and other rules.

He also noted that commanders should ensure that all their station hotlines are functional.

Police stations may also use social media platforms to beef up reporting. Residents may send direct messages to the social media account of the station, containing details of their complaint.

Eleazar also urged barangay councils to come up with an available hotline number. This is to allow their constituents to report quarantine violators.

Quarantine and health protocol violators an issue

Prior to this, there were already projected dilemmas in the jail system. Within those that the Bureau of Jail Management and Penitentiary, the virus has spread among inmates.

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Meanwhile, police claimed that local cells are about to reach its limit. Back then, the PNP stated that the police station cells have reached its ‘critical zone’.

Earlier, President Duterte also ordered cops to arrest individuals who were not wearing masks in public spaces.

His administration deemed that the continuous increase of novel coronavirus cases were due to the ‘pasaway’ Filipinos.

London-based research company later debunked this claim. The said group showed that the Philippines, is in fact, among the most obedient in the region.

In the study, the Philippines ranked second below Singapore through the Southeast Asian region.