Motorcycle barriers may pose as detriment in aerodynamics

July 21 2020 A couple uses a plastic barrier while riding their motorbikes in Caloocan City after the government required a protective divider for backriding passengers as solution to physical distancing during the pandemic. Motorcycle riders have until July 26 to install them. INQUIRER/ MARIANNE BERMUDEZ

MANILA, Philippines – The supposed safety precaution for motorcycle riders may pose as detriment in aerodynamics. A motorcycle riders’ group said on Sunday that it poses as a potential hazard for those riding the vehicle.

In an interview with ABS-CBN Teleradyo, Atoy Cruz, an official of the Motorcycle Philippines Federation spoke on the matter.

He explained that the supposed people already allowed to ride the motorcycle together are already safe. This is as long as they obey the minimum health protocol and wear protective gears.

“On highways where there are a lot of fast-moving vehicles, what we’re afraid of is wind dragging and wind lifting as they call it,” Cruz said. “Even if you drive slow, if a faster vehicle like a bus or truck goes past you, you might have a problem with your handlebar. Your motorcycle will wiggle and you might even get into an accident.”

He added, “There have already been riders who experienced that… so we have to be really careful with it.”

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The Motorcycle Development Program Participants Association also opposed the said idea. The said institution includes representatives from Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha.

On hindsight, it said that this “will negatively affect stability and handling of motorcycle.”

A detriment in aerodynamics, how?

“The proposed pillion shield will create significant wind resistance when the motorycle is in motion,”it added.

The group also added that this action will undermine  “years of careful planning, design and development carried out by teams of engineers to ensure the utmost safety of each unit.”

On the other hand, Police Lt. Gen. Guillermo Eleazar disagreed with the aid criticisms. He insisted that the barriers are safe and accidents will only happen due to faulty installations.

“Let us avoid the ‘puwede na’ (good enough) mentality because we are talking about your safety and the safety of your partner. The two approved designs have specifications that conformed the quality standard for safety of the riders,” he said.